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Mayo615's Insights for Entrepreneurs

Mayo615 Technology Partners

Welcome to the launch of Mayo615 Technology Partners' “Insights for Entrepreneurs” podcast. Beginning with this first episode, we will be broadcasting Insights for Entrepreneurs every week. You will be able to find us on the Apple, Spotify, and Google podcast directories. In this podcast series, David shares his extensive hands-on technology industry experience and applies leading-edge management principles to entrepreneurship and technology. David Mayes, the founder of Mayo615 Technology Partners, is a seasoned Silicon Valley veteran and an Intel executive alumnus. He has extensive experience in global markets throughout North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. He has successfully launched his own companies in North America and Europe as well as managing a startup accelerator in Silicon Valley. Most recently, he was an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Management at the University of British Columbia, before starting Mayo615 Technology Partners.

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